Sultantur Nakliyat 

About Us


             SULTANTUR is founded  in 1997, in Mersin.  SULTANTUR is giving the best quality service to the costumers with more than 80 trucks and professional team. SULTANTUR chooses the destinations carefully  for keeping the costumer happiness. Countries, we are going in Europe are : Italy, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austuria, Netherland and Switzxerland. On the other side we serve to Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Azerbaijan too.


               SULTANTUR cares on costumers ideas and think like them. We watch our trucks 7/24 with satellite technology  from computers and mobile devices. So, we can answer the owner of the products  level by level.  Also our trucks can only give the breaks  at safe parking areas, selected by us. So we can watch the trucks while parking too.


                 We are choosing our drivers carefully, because we are seeing them as a part of our family. Also we have the educated operation and accounting team in our offices.  To be in the connection with our costumers we have agency offices, in each country, that we are serving.


             In the light of all these information, we  hope to proove a business relationship with your company too. Before of any logistic operation of your company, please let us know, to give you the best offer.